Today is 2022-08-10 Wednesday,Welcome to this site 

Today is 2022-08-10 Wednesday,Welcome to this site 

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Machining requires high tool life and low pollution

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  About 70% of the premature failure of various mechanical and electrical products is caused by wear and corrosion, and these two failure modes are closely related to the surface state of materials (physical, chemical and stress state, etc.). Therefore, the key to improve the performance of these materials is to improve their surface properties.
  With the development of science and technology, the requirements for the surface properties of materials are higher and higher. In recent decades, with the development of various vapor deposition technologies, the research and application of surface engineering technology have achieved rapid development. These technologies not only meet the requirements of mechanical properties, such as wear resistance, antifriction and corrosion resistance, but also play an important role in the field of surface related functional materials such as electromagnetism, optics, optoelectronics, thermology, superconductivity and biology. Surface engineering not only makes low-cost metal materials play a greater advantage in performance and benefit, but also has become an important means to develop various new coating and film materials, which has great application potential.
  With the development of machining industry, new requirements for cutting tools are put forward. In addition to improving the service life, it is also required to reduce the pollution during cutting and use dry cutting as far as possible. When the cutting fluid can't be canceled, try to make it contain only antirust agent and no organic matter, which can greatly reduce the cost of recycling.

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