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Today is 2022-08-10 Wednesday,Welcome to this site 

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What is mechanical blade

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Many just entered the mechanical blade industry Xiaobai may ask what is mechanical blade? What is the specific definition of mechanical blade? Let me explain in detail what a mechanical blade is
  1. When cutting iron and steel materials in machining, hard alloy is often used. The overall size of the cutting tool is large. If all cemented carbide is used, the cost is too high, so it is made into a small blade (commonly known as cutter head) and connected with the cutter body by mechanical connection (screw). Therefore, the cutter head is also called "mechanical blade".
  2. There are many kinds of mechanical blades, including bending machine mold, shearing machine blade, carton mechanical blade, slitting machine blade, slitting round blade, plastic grinder blade, rubber mechanical blade, textile mechanical blade, leather mechanical blade, metallurgical mechanical blade, food mechanical blade, metal mechanical blade, slitting machine blade, trimming round blade And other standard mechanical blades.
  3. It is widely used in metallurgical mechanical and electrical, sheet metal, machinery, steel anti-theft door, automobile, aerospace, carriage, door plate, paper industry, light textile, metallized film, tobacco, packaging materials, B0PP film, plastic crushing, edge sealing, middle sealing, bottom sealing bag making machine, food machinery, medicine, wire, printing, paper making, aluminum foil, metallized film, tobacco, electronics, light industry, food Iron and steel metallurgy, electric power, electrical appliances, shipbuilding, leather, rubber, chemical fiber, glass fiber, textile, stationery, plastic, feed, paper tube, carton, woodworking, forestry and other industries.
China's mechanical blade industry has a great development prospect, and mechanical blade is widely used in all walks of life.

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