Today is 2021-11-27 Saturday,Welcome to this site 

Today is 2021-11-27 Saturday,Welcome to this site 

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The demand for tool market is growing

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At present, the domestic NC tool independent innovation and development ability is weak in the CNC tool market. Most manufacturers are mainly imitated and reverse research. This development mode leads to the technical dependence on developed countries, losing the dominant power of development and always following others. Whether it is a seller or a producer, we must fully recognize this, lay a solid foundation in the development, strengthen the ability of independent development, position the market and improve the share of high-end products. This is also the main task and trend of the future development of domestic tool and die industry.
  The demand of domestic and foreign tool market is growing. Among them, the growth of European and North American countries is stable, especially in Eastern Europe, the Asian market has slightly recovered, with great market potential, and the market of Latin American countries has increased significantly, especially Mexico. In terms of technical update, carbide tools gradually replace high-speed steel tools, especially round ones. Coating tools are widely used. In Europe, the market share of new tools for high speed machining is increasing. The dynamics of the manufacturer. From the perspective of the cooperation mode of tool manufacturers, there will be many strong companies in the high-tech market.

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